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The Safe Water® Water Treatment System has a multi-stage filter bed that retains sediment,
chlorine and other unwanted elements from your water supply. It has a quartz sub-bed for better
water distribution through the system, commercial grade fine gravel, KDF resin and a special grade
carbon that will remove the chlorine taste and odor, as well as other undesirables in your water
supply. The system cleans itself, giving you a maintenance-free solution for you to enjoy clean,
great-tasting water.

It provides clean, treated water throughout the house and without filters to replace.
Eliminates chlorine and other contaminants by giving great tasting water and removing the
harmful effects chlorinated water has on hair and skin.
Provides great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
Reduces the cost of energy up to 40% (electricity and gas).
The water tastes and smells better.
Cleaner dishes, removes stains.
Cleaner and better cared clothes.
Save on water heating costs.
Softer, cleaner and silkier hair.
The skin remains smooth and dry.
Eliminates stains and flaking.
Great savings on cleaning products.
Unlike other systems, it does not reduce the water pressure in any of your faucets, showerheads
or that of the appliances.
Eliminates sediment build-up in appliances, which affects performance and life.

It is a great ecological option.
Eliminate the cost of purchasing bottled water.
Significantly reduces the need for plastic bottles, contributing to environmental protection efforts.
It does not waste water in the treatment process.
Low power consumption – approximately 17 cents a month to operate.
There are no filters to replace.

The Safe Water® Water Treatment System will retain sediment, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, and
other contaminants from your water supply.

Chlorine is the chemical that the city uses to treat water and that can be consumed; However, the
risks may outweigh the benefits. In addition to having a bad smell and taste, showering and
bathing with chlorinated water can dry out your skin and hair.

The filter bed and screen at the top of the system work together to remove sediment from your
water supply. The system has been tested to trap sediment or other 40 micron particles. In
comparison, human hair is approximately 75 microns in diameter.

The System only consumes around 18 kilowatts a year. This is less than what a typical alarm clock

No, because it does not use filters. The system is configured to automatically clean itself. This
function runs automatically based on your consumption and water conditions. When the system is
self-cleaning, the sediment and other particles that have accumulated are expelled through a drain
hose, thus preparing to retain the contaminants continuously.

The system uses about 10 gallons of water to clean your filter bed from the contaminants it has
collected. The cleaning process takes approximately 60 minutes.

Yes. It will soften the water. The System removes calcium and magnesium (hardness) as well as
sediment, chlorine and other elements from your water supply.

No. The Safe Water® Water Treatment System replaces most water filters in your home. Chances
are, you no longer need refrigerator, shower, or other filter cartridges for your entire home. However, if you have specific concerns about your water supply or want an even higher level of
filtration, we can add an alkaline reverse osmosis system to complement the system.

Yes. Our experts can perform water supply tests and determine what needs to be added to the
system to remove hydrogen sulfide and odor.

It will vary depending on the consumption and quality of the incoming water. The system’s interior
filter beds have been tested to last approximately 25 to 50 years (assuming a four-person
household consuming 75 gallons of water per person per day and assuming a chlorine
concentration in the water of 1.0 PPM).

The system is capable of removing 99% of the sediments that measure from 40 to 50 microns and
95% effective for those of 30 to 40 microns.

A water softener is not necessary. The Safe Water® Water Treatment System also softens the
water by removing calcium and magnesium – the only thing a simple water softener is capable of.
Additionally, our system removes sediment, chlorine, taste, bad odor, and other unwanted
Without the need for additional equipment, you will enjoy the best quality of water throughout
the house.

Yes. Our exclusive stainless steel cover will protect the system from the elements, giving it a longer
life. * The system should not be installed under the roof line where rainwater could be a problem.

Definitely! The Safe Water® Water Treatment System is an ideal solution for private wells, as it
filters out sediments and other undesirable components that exist in a well. Not all water
treatment systems are the same. Wells with a high concentration of iron and organic pollutants
are particularly damaging, which shortens the life of the system. In these cases Safe Water® offers
solutions! Our ultraviolet lamp module is designed to efficiently treat water in such conditions.

Safe Water® honors a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of its systems.

When properly maintained by the user, a SafeWater® system operates very reliably. However, in
case of any failure, we offer free repairs to all our customers. We are available 24 hours a day, 7
days a week at (800) 983-2815 or by email:
SafeWater® also repairs and maintains third-party systems.


If your home or business is supplied by city water, the unit should be installed between the water
supply and the water heater. If you are supplied by a private well, it is recommended to install the
system after the water pressure tank and before the water heater.
All water entering the interior of the house must be treated through the Safe Water® system, but
the water that serves external faucets must not be passed through the unit. To install, a drain point is required no more than 30 or 40 feet from the system. A 110 volt electrical source within
10 feet of the unit is also required. The unit brings everything necessary to be installed by our
highly qualified technicians.

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